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About A.S.D. Cyber Security & Consultant

Mr. Tapan Kumar Jha
Founder & Director
(A.S.D. Cyber Security)

Mr. Tapan Kumar Jha

Tapan Kumar Jha, Founder & Director of A.S.D. Cyber Security & Consultant. He started learning Ethical Hacking at a very small age.

Ethical Hacking as a learning has always been a true passion for him. He knew he would have never explored his talent and mindset to start Ethical Hacking as his Career. But some hope was always there, he knew he would make his dreams come true & where there is a will- Tapan Believes God Walks with him, family saw his interest & toil, which started with 25 Students in the 1st year for 2 months only in his own classes which named as "A.S.D. Computer Classes".

Firstly, he started classes with the Basic Ethical Hacking Courses. He Moved on to his next journey of Growth & Expansion from there he moved on his 2nd year of his Ethical Hacking Classes with the strength of 105 students in the 2nd year Boot Camps, Seminars & Workshops again, then he stretched his wings to Delhi. Their he worked with Embnss Technology and had taken Seminars in St. Mary College in Hyderabad, Vedant College, etc.

He has given seminars in 48 Colleges and 52 Schools and these numbers are increasing every month. He also take Guest leactures in Many College & School on Creating. Awareness about Information Security & Ethical Hacking. A.S.D. Cyber Security & Consultant has come in existence from 2011. But he had started working in this field since 2009. He also worked in Mercury Solution Ltd. in Gurgaon and many more places.

He is one of the Youngest & Popular Ethical Hacker of Rajasthan.

Mr. Dev Narayan Jha
(Senior Director)

Mr. Dev Narayan Jha

He is the Senior Director of "A.S.D. Cyber Security & Consultant" and "Tributaries". He worked 40 year of his life in Thermal Power Plant, Kota (Raj.) as a Senior supervisor in C.H.P. His area of interest includes in upcoming technologies on internet like "Security on one's privacy".

He believed that knowledge on internet in very important in today's world. Because as the technologies are rapidly growing and taking the whole world into their hands, so it is very essential for the "Internet Lovers" to know about the information Security because by this, Internet risk on one's privacy is increased day by day, So to cure this "Internet Experts" (Ethical Hackers) are needed to check the loops and holes on one's privacy.

So, here A.S.D. CYBER SECURITY & CONSULTANT with TRIBUTARIES made it possible for the people to reduce the risks on their own Privacy