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The A.S.D. Establish in stands as one of the premier Company for Hacking Investigation, Providing Security at different levels & Institute to teach various Kind of Computer Courses in Rajasthan. An Active Forerunner in teaching of Ethical Hacking Since 2010.
A.S.D. is the Culmination of Years of Reasearch, Experience & Expertise.

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Security Awareness

The internet has increasingly become part of our daily life. It provides a way for us to socialist  shop, transact and do business, which means we are sharing more and more personal and financial information online. In doing so we potentially expose ourselves to number of online risks which we need to be aware of and properly manage.

That is why it is important that we better understand how to stay safe and secure on the internet.

Under the A.s.d Cyber Security Seminars and workshop a range of initiatives, including Cyber Security Awareness , help people to understand cyber security and safety and the measures they can take to protect their personal and financial information.

Systems Security

 "Security is the ability of a system to protect information and system resources with respect to confidentiality and integrity."   In the computer industry, the term security -- or the phrase computer security -- refers to techniques for ensuring that data stored in a computer cannot be read or compromised by any individuals without authorization.

Most computer security measures involve data encryption and passwords. Data encryption is the translation of data into a form that is unintelligible without a deciphering mechanism. A password is a secret word or phrase that gives a user access to a particular program or system.

Security Assessments

An Internet Security Assessment is about understanding the risks that your company faces from being connected to the Internet. We must effectively decide how to spend time, money and human resources on information security. In this way our security expenditure can be requirement driven, not technology driven.

In other words, we implement controls because we know that they’re needed, not just because the technology is available. Some firms refer to security assessments as ethical hacking or penetration testing. Although I also use these terms, I see them as referring to something completely different than risk assessment and thus do not see their use as appropriate in this context.

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